My Other Interests


I have been in a book club for over four years now.  Although sometimes it seem as though there is a lot more girl talk and wine drinking occurring than actual book discussions, it has been a great way to get into books I might have never picked up on my own.  Make sure to always check out what I am reading through Goodreads on the left side of this page.


Like most people, I have a love-hate relationship with running.  That being said, in one year, I went from barely being able to run a mile (literally) to running a 10k.  You can always check here to see what the latest race I have signed up for is.

Upcoming Races:

Nothing as of now but am up for a challenge!  Suggestions?


There is nothing like hitting the slopes on a nice sunny [cold] day in the winter!  This winter my boyfriend and I went out to Colorado to hit the slopes for the first time!  Although the conditions weren’t great for Colorado, they were great for an East Coaster!

Upcoming Trips:

I am ready for Winter!!!


I LOVE to travel!!!  Luckily I have found a job that allows me to travel (even though it can be exhausting sometimes).  Although I don’t get to often, I do try to find time for my own traveling adventures throughout the year.  Check back here to keep updated on where I’m off to next!

Upcoming Adventures/Business Trips:

November 2013 – NYC (business trip)

November 2013 – Guam and Australia (adventure!!!!)


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